Geotouristic Park, El Limo
Metapan, Santa Ana

We are from the Geo touristic Park El Limo, we are located in Metapan, Santa Ana. We invite you to come and visit and enjoy a direct contact with nature and learn a little of our history geological and see our waterfalls.

The tour starts with a visit to the city of Metapan and its Colonial Church after this we will visit the waterfalls in El Limo where we will camp, if you prefer you can stay in a cabin like the Mayans did. The cabin is made of mud and sticks with a thatch roof. But if you want something a little more private, that costs a little more, we have a two room cabin with bathroom and a barbeque, just for you..

We now have two camping areas, we have guides to show you around the cloud forest...
The invitation is open, the trip can be for two or more days, the cost are very low and depend mostly on what you would like us to include...if its is just for the day or two day and one night which is what we recommend because the forest is so large and beautiful...Food can be arranged depending on your budget and likes anything from fried beans with fresh cream, fresh cheese and tortillas or chicken soup, we are here to please you desires.

We are happy to include transportation from San Salvador(10 person minimum)

Please write or call for more information about prices and services and if you know someone else that might be interested please forward this information. or call (503)7862-6047

We invite you to visit our web photos, just so you can see more of what we have to offer

Learn about our past present and future observing the rocks of El Limo, Metapan and spend the best weekend or vacation with your family or friends.

Maria Elvira Leiva
Oscar Mira

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