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The Other El Salvador

Come explore and see what El Salvador has to offer. Rural, alternative eco and adventure tourism, for those who want to discover the real El Salvador and its people. Enjoy all of El Salvador, its beaches, small colonial towns, night life in the larger cities, volcanoes, lakes and mountain villages as well as the small rural communities that are developing new ideas in rural and alternative tourism. Visit rural development projects around the country, volunteer, donate or just spread the word.
Traveling in El Salvador like most of Latin America can be very inexpensive, although if you prefer very nice hotels and beach resorts are available at a fraction of the cost you might expect. Plan your vacation to El Salvador and explore our beaches, mountains, cities and towns as well as the rural areas of our little but beautiful country.
This site is in construction and we would like to invite any travelers, volunteers or project leaders, to share information about traveling and tourism in El Salvador, credit will be given for articles and photos. With your help we hope to make this the most complete site for travel information about El Salvador. At The Other El Salvador, you won't find any fancy buttons, flash images or high tech web functions, just good information about El Salvador.
Articles can be submitted to our web master and should include the name of the department/s, city/ies and photos if possible. Please use contact form to contact webmaster we will then send email for complete submissions. We are also happy to promote any relative El Salvador travel sites, if you would like to add a link to your own site or relitive sites, use the contact form and include, title, a short description and Url. Linking back to us is not required but a plus.